7th Street Caravans

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7th Street Caravans


7th Street Caravans wanted to build their community and better connect with their customers. We said, let’s do it!

The Challenge

7th Street Caravans had already existing social media channels but lacked a clear strategy and were struggling to grow. We needed to develop a social media strategy to put community front and centre and grow their numbers.

The Approach

We developed a strategy that included sharing customer content and celebrating van pickups to drive engagement. We also developed a month-by-month grow strategy for both Facebook and Instagram.

The Design

We created a fresh new look for the 7th Street Caravans’ Instagram account that incorporated product images, inspirational images and user-generated content.

The Outcome

With a fresh strategy, we’ve grown 7th Street Caravans Instagram account by 1824% and created an active community of people tagging thhe 7th Street Caravans account and intereacting with content.

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