Vacationer Caravans

Offroad aluminium framed caravans. 

Vacationer Caravans


Vacationer Caravans are one of Australia’s premium caravan manufacturers that specialise in luxury off-road aluminium framed caravans. Vacationer caravans came to Flick looking for a sleek and stylish website that would showcase all the features that the caravans have to offer.

The Challenge

We needed to streamline the website and content to take away the feeling of overwhelm for potential new customers and leads. 

The Approach

We worked very closely with Vacationer so we could better understand the caravaning industry and their needs – if you don’t know your audience, you can’t create content for them! Once we knew the landscape we got to work on structuring the website flow with wire-frames. 

The Design

The end result is a sleek website that highlights the right information and better aligns with the brand identity. We also created photos and videos for Vactationer to really make their products stand out.

The Outcome

Flick Visual has worked with Vacationer Caravans for many years and as they have evolved we have grown their website to match their needs and showcase the best of the best in what they have to offer!

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